Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye

BLUETOY [1984] — Unique musical journeys, expressions and interludes created by Christopher Simmons during the Summer of 1984.

Like his prior release, “Oscillations Unknown,” this second release, “Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye” was primarly composed by creating electroninc music “beds” from very simple sequencers, often driven by a single drum machine, and then improvisations were done as lead, comp chords, and melodic sections played over that. This was recorded in real time to tape, and then the “best” bits were transfered to a new master tape which became the album release.

BLUETOY - Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye - cassette front
BLUETOY – Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye – cassette front

There are two release editions: The first, had single color offset printed black on white flat cardstock J-card, folded, with release by BLUETOY on the S.U. Productions “label.” Second edition had full color J-card on white glossy card stock, and is shown as release by Christopher Simmons on the BANG BIG record label. Tracks are identical on both versions, only the packaging changed.


BLUETOY (aka Christopher Simmons)
“Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye”
• 90 minutes, cassette format release.
• First edition: S.U. Productions. Second edition: Bang Big Recordings.
• Original SKU #SUP8402B normal bias; #SUP8402C chrome cassette.

Oblivious Nature … 3:10
Slotted Groves … 3:15
Horned Wood … 5:41
Slow Digging … 3:40
Closing Credits (Vers.5) … 5:55
Intermission … :25
Turning Spooks … 3:00
Highways … 3:47
Resumes … 1:21
Stolen Heart (Vers.2) … 1:39
Forged Abyss … 5:54
Newborn … 4:00
Hoohahs … :44

Firstflight … 2:56
Steam Kiss … 1:56
Triadevine … 4:33
Spatials … 2:32
Ahlaskelion … 5:24
Landscapes … 4:34
Time Off … 2:49
Caldabrass … 1:26
Pacings … :59
Heartache … 4:42
Mitra’s Theme … 1:23
Cantina 54 … 2:58
Taming … 3:33
Secondflight … 2:11

All selections were composed and performed by Christopher Laird Simmons during June and July 1984. All compositions were recorded LIVE without the use of multitrack tape machines. All material is Copr. ℗ © 1984 by Christopher Laird Simmons.

Equipment used includes:
Sequential Circuits Inc. (SCI) Prophet 600, SCI Drumtraks, SCI Pro One, Korg Poly 800, Boss Stereo Chorus, Marlboro QSBII and Realistic (Radio Shack) 4×2 mixer.

In addition, for several songs on Side B, a second Pro One and Prophet 600 were used (courtesy Rick Kleffel), plus a Peavy mixer, Boss Flanger, Boss Digital Delay, and a Korg VC-1O Vocoder.

The master was recorded on a Pioneer CT7R Cassette Deck with Maxell UDXLII tape, using Dolby ‘C’.


POLYPHONY Magazine, Oct. 1984

Bluetoy – Reinventing the Wheel Without a Third Eye (cassette). Instrumental tunes, showing imagination and attention to detail, and a restraint notably missing from some of the above [referring to other reviews on same page in magazine]. The sounds are all synthesizer, but it’s so non-cliche I just now realized it. $7 postpaid from Christopher Laird Simmons, P.O. Box 7000-822, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (*).

SYNE Magazine – Winter 1985/86 (Issue 8512)

BLUETOY REINVENTING THE WHEEL WITHOUT A THIRD EYE (S.U. Productions, Box 7000-822, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (*) ) Innovative, percussive electronics performed live by Christopher Laird Simmons, a.k.a. BLUETOY. Christopher utilizes an SCI Prophet 600, SCI Drumtraks, SCI Pro I, Korg Poly 800 and some effects boxes. No elaborate multitrack production. Everything is done live on the spot, which further bears witness to Simmons proficiency as both a keyboardist and synthesist. Another equally amazing feat was the fact that the entire work was mastered on a Pioneer CT7R Cassette deck. The sound is crisp and clean. The musical values avoid the usual ·ciiches. Even the rhythms are interesting. The timbres are polished if not very much different from the usual synthesizer stuff. It’s a pretty polished performance, especially when you consider it was all done on the fly and without a Hollywood production. PERFORMANCE: ***** ORIGINALITY:***** TAPE QUALITY: **** GRAPHICS:****


BLUETOY Reinventing The Wheel Without a Third Eye (SU PRODUCTIONS, Box 7000-822; Redondo Beach, CA
90277 (*) – $7). An incredible work from this one person ·synth-band (made of Christopher Simnons). The 90 minute cassette was
recorded live at home (w/no-overdubs) on a standard cassette deck. With his slew of Synths and Drum Machine, he has created a very exciting work. It contains 27 songs (averaging-3 min) which gives us a great variety of moods from the SYNERGYish to the JARREish to the TADDEAMish. A fine, fine release. — SAM ROSENTHAL

(*) Important note: Christopher Simmons and Neotrope Records retired our PO Box in 2016.


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All material is Copr. ℗ © 1984 by Christopher Laird Simmons