Kristian Kouvo Interview in COMO Magazine

COMO Magazine, March 2003

COMO-article translation, issue: March 2003, text: Juhani Nurmi, translation: Kristian Kouvo

Finnish blood to electronic music

A Finnish experimenting electronic music artist, Enthronement, is trying his wings in his new album “Omnipotent Mainframe.” COMO meet this cult-artist.

COMO Magazine 2003Reached in Helsinki Lasipalatsi a Finnish electronic music pioneer, Enthronement, lives exciting moments. His new album “Omnipotent Mainframe” will be published during spring in, but Enthronement alias Kristian Kouvo is relaxed. Living In Vuosaari (Helsinki), this 31 year musician is a long line guru in the electronic music. In the 80’s he made his first machine music experiments with Commodore-64, but moved fast to more serious equipment. Enthronement felt that the 80’s MIDI-technology synthesizers were difficult and expensive music tools.

In the middle of the 90’s Enthronement started to make music using PC, and that kind of equipment he is using still today. “From the year 2000 I’ve been using an excellent open source software called Psycle Modular Music Studio. If the computer has got enough CPU-power, then the only limitation is your inspiration and imagination. All you need is a good computer and a good sound-card,” says Enthronement.

“From the music scene today EBM, electro, goth, ambient, electronica and industrial interests me most. Sometimes it’s good just to sit back, enjoy the sound and forget all classification”.

Enthronements debut-album “Omnipotent Mainframe” is rich in atmosphere and melancholic electronica, which has strong references to uncertain future of the mankind. The music gives also strong filmish emotions. Philosophy and sci-fi is close to Enthronements heart, and coming from a musically talented family you can hear all this from his notes.

Kouvo met through internet his American manager, Christopher Simmons, whose record company has made a 2 year and 2 record deal with Enthronement. “The release will be published at least via and CDs will be also sent to over one hundred radio stations as promotion and demonstration. In USA there are pretty good markets for electronic music,” says quite a dark in appearance, but optimistic Enthronement.

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